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ADAPT Housing coordinates SDA Housing solutions by working collaboratively with stakeholders across all SDA design categories and dwelling types.

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By providing the important link between the Participant, Service Providers, and Investment Capital we offer complete independence to ensure all parties create lasting relationships with mutually beneficial outcomes from any given transaction.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to accommodation that receives special funding from the NDIS and is for participants who have extreme functional impairment and/or very high support needs. Unlike other NDIS Supports, SDA is funded for the ‘Bricks and Mortar’ homes in which other services are delivered.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme ‘NDIS’ provides SDA funding for people with extreme functional impairment, and / or very high support needs. Generally, this is only a small percentage (6%) of people already on an NDIS Plan and will be based on a eligibility criteria.

ADAPT Housing have relationships with specialist providers who prepare ‘housing solution reports’ for participants. If you don’t already have SDA in your plan fill in our Participant Expression of Interest Form and we can recommend you to Specialist Report Writers.

We are always looking to work with ethically-minded investors to deliver socially conscious outcomes for NDIS Participants. If you are interested in developing an SDA Investment property with ADAPT you can fill in an Project Expression of interest by following the link.

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ADAPT Housing builds homes across all four SDA Design Categories including Improved Liveability, Fully Accesssible, Robust and High Physical Support.

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ADAPT are working with Developers across the country to create new and innovative Housing Solutions for SDA Participants across all Build Types and Design Categories. Here are just some of the properties with have available.
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Osborne Road, Mitchelton

This Hamptons style 4 Bed group home with OOA is positioned in the heart of Mitchelton.

Ipswich Apartments

The combination of one and two bedroom apartments centrally located in Ipswich are well designed and set up to cater for various SDA mixed residential models.

Loganlea Villas

Stage 1 of the general residential villas are already completed, with stage two finalising the design and layout of each Specialist Disability Accommodation

Bridgeman Downs House

Located on the in the Brisbane North Region, the ROBUST house sits neatly behind trees creating privacy and security for all tenants

Neridah Street, Loganlea

An exciting new build for the suburb of Loganlea, this modern set of apartments boasts luxurious living that caters for high physical support and improved livability participants

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ADAPT Housing builds homes across all four Build Types including Apartments, Townhouses/Duplex/Villas, House and Group Homes.


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Fill out a Participant EOI if you are a participant or Coordinator looking for a home. Fill out a Property Expression of Interest if you are a Property owner looking to provide housing under the SDA Scheme.

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